How to Generate Leads for Consulting Services Business

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How To Generate Leads for Consulting Services Business

In this articles I have explained How to generate leads for consulting services. Consulting Services Online are one of the best way to Work From anywhere in the world with just a laptop. Either you are a Life Coach, Health Coach or you are providing coaching and consulting services in any niche. If you want to generate leads and attract more clients for your business follow the step provided in this article. 

Focus on building relationship with your targeted audience. Game starts to change and when people starts to connect with you then you can sell your services without selling. Art of selling without being salesy is the thing that every business wants to have in their promotion plan. It not only gives you clients but it increases the trust between you and your clients and you can easily sell high ticket offers. 

1. Winning Online Business Model

Front end and backend of businesses

Frontend and backend of most of the businesses is same. But some businesses are crushing their sales and some businesses are just struggling. To generate more leads and sales for your coaching business you need to understand this business model. First business is Making $10k and the other is crushing it. 

Difference between these two businesses is their conversion model, how they are converting their clients into sales. Front end of most of the businesses are same but the thing matter is what's going on on the backend. To build a stunning business online. You have to take your clients step by step from low ticket offer to high ticket offer. If possible do i with an automated sales funnel. 

2. Create a conversion Focused Website

how to get leads for your consulting business

When you are just getting started single page website is more than enough to represent your service. You don't need to put your focus creating other pages just focus on a conversion focused page for your service and its good to go. 

To create this website you can hire any freelancer from Fiverr or You can also create it yourself using Thrive Themes on WordPress, it is a simple drag and drop editor.

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3. Create a Step by Step Process 

Sales Funnel

The next thing you need to understand on how to generate leads for your consulting services is Creating a sales funnel with lead magnet. Plan you low ticket offer, high ticket offer and lead magnet and create a sales funnel on it. This is where game starts to change.

There are many individuals and businesses  who can become your high paying clients. The only thing you have to do is you have to attract them towards your system and the best way to attract is by providing free Value. And Free Value is called lead magnet. Because it attracts audience and convert them into our leads and later they become your Good Clients.

The best part is you have to create this system once and then it works like your employee and convert cold visitors into hot leads. If you want to learn how to build a conversion focused system for your services you can watch my FREE MASTERCLASS.

4. Create a Step by Step Process 

Now lets start to promote

Once all of your things are ready next thing is promotion. This is the most easiest part for marketing your coaching and consulting services. There are many ways to promote your services on the internet the only thing matter is the system that can convert the audience into leads and sales.

There are organic ways to promote and there are paid methods to promote your service. For free or organic promotion you need to provide value on social medias or start blogging and it is bit slow. Paid promotion is super fast Today you can start targeted google, facebook or youtube ads and in 24 hours you will start to see visits towards your website. 

One of the best paid method is Influencers marketing. You can find influencers on social media you have good fan following of your target audience and ask them the price for promotion on their page. Pay them and in 2-3 days they will start your promotion and you will see some targeted people converting into your leads on your website. One of the best platform is

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