How to Start a Coaching Business from Home With Zero Experience

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Starting an Online Coaching Business from Home

This blog is written on how to start a coaching business from home. You can use your small life experiences and achievements and convert them into a business. Todays technology allow everyone to start a thriving business working on just a laptop with an internet connection. Coaching and consulting is one of an amazing business model that women and men can start right away. 

After COVID businesses are mostly operating online and its never too late. Still there is a huge demand to start an online consulting business that you can operate from anywhere in the world and have more freedom. Life coaching, health coaching and business consulting is currently high in demand. 

1. Start With Your Small Results.

Step 1

Firstly you have to write down your achievements and results you have produced in your life and then take a deep look how you have achieved these results even if the results are small still there are many people online looking to achieve those results. 

Sit with yourself and decide what are the best results that you can help other achieve easily. If you are making your clients win you can build an unshakable business online that you can operate from anywhere in the world.

You will be able to have more success in your business if you start with the results you have gotten that is most impressive to those you want to serve.

2. Create a Step by Step Process 

create a process

Second Thing is you have to create a process that anyone can easily follow.

If you have any information and that information has helped you produce results in any part of life. May be financially in health or relationships and you want to teach someone that same process. If you don't have a process to walk someone through it then it will become bit difficult for your client to produce results. 

At the end of the day business is win condition and you have to focus on the success of your client. If you have a process and steps then any one can follow it easily. It doesn't take too much time to create a process you only have to sit with your self in a relaxed mood and you will easily create it. This is one of the most important step on how to start a coaching business from home.

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3. Get Your Home On the Internet 

Step 3 To Building a Home based coaching business

Third Thing is you have to create a website or a social profile to represent your consulting service.

If you have a Service and its helping people go from point A to Point B. Next thing is you have to represent it online. You need to have your home on the internet and that is your website. You can also represent your service on and social platform but social platform will not be completely under your control. And Website will be completely under your control. 

If you want to create your website yourself with Simple Drag & drop editor You can Use Divi Themes for WordPress.

It's very simple to create a marketing optimised website now a days. Best part of representing your business on the website is that it converts your visitors into clients like crazy if you are following the right strategy. You have to start with a single page website you don't have to overwhelm your self. I have shown in my Free Masterclass how you have to build a marketing optimised platform for your consultation services. 

4. Promote Your Coaching Business 

Step 4 To Building a Home based coaching business

Another important and last step to get insights on How to start a coaching business from home is promotion. Now things are ready and It's time to promote and Get sales. 

Once your system is ready then you have to only focus on its promotion. And for promotion there are two methods first is Paid Strategy and then its Free Strategy.

If you want to get some quick sales you can start promoting your services on Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads or Influencers Market. You have to choose only one at a time. These Platforms has power to put your service in front of people who are looking for these services.

Paid Campaign is very easy and quick to start but if you want to build a long term business also start to focus on free Organic Growth it is slow but it give you long term targeted traffic. Promotion is this thing I Love To do once marketing system is ready. 

Best organic platform right now are Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest for blogging. 

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